About and Contact

I am Nicholas Wilson, a software programmer working at RealVNC in Cambridge. Most of my friends will remember me as a Part III pure maths student at Peterhouse, Cambridge. I aim to build my life around Jesus who died to bring me to enjoy God and glorify him forever. I am committed to the biblical gospel (evangelical) and God’s grace (Reformed), and attend Eden Baptist and the Christian union. I am glad to enjoy these in the fellowship of so many eternal friends and my family, as well as my other friends at Peterhouse and home.

My hobbies include singing as a tenor and programming (functional and web technologies), and I have wide interests covering bits of history, the Puritans, languages (classics and bits and pieces), philosophy, theology, design, Romantic lieder and mediæval music, mountains, and more. My favourite composers include Josquin, Bach, Byrd, Schubert, Mahler, and Messiaen, and I enjoy authors and poets like Donne, Conrad, George Eliot as well as non-fiction spanning from Calvin and Baxter to Frame.

I am most happy to be contacted by email at nicholas@nicholaswilson.me.uk with comments or questions, but I do nonetheless use Faceboook if you prefer. You may verify that this site is mine, that this email address is mine, that this Facebook profile is mine, and that this site’s URL when used as an OpenID is mine, by checking against my Amazon profile. That profile is Real Name™ verified using my bank details, and in turn links to this page. My apologies for the lack of HTTPS (I’m too cheap to buy an IP just for my blog), which kind of defeats the point, but as long as you trust your ISP, you can be reasonably happy that the page you are reading now is not hacked, giving much better identity trust than most bloggers bother to set up.