Sermon preached notification


I wrote a bit of a long, unedifying winge about tonight’s sermon class. I’m not posting it publically right away, so this is just a brief note instead.

After last week’s excessively self-pitying blog post, I ought to write some sort of a follow-up. I did the talk, it was alright in places, and I’m taking a big dose of humble pie to move on and learn from it. I have a lot of thoughts about what I should be taking home and some of things that went so badly wrong with it, but I couldn’t write those in an honest and acceptable way right now. I’ll rework the post I just wrote before I can publish it. I can only say that I am extremely thankful for the very kind people there tonight and their comments and encouragement. I am very sorry if I seemed to sulk or be ungracious, but I just had a lot to think through and process, so I hope if I seemed too withdrawn in the other talks (which I followed and enjoyed) I didn’t cause any offence. “When words are many, transgression is not lacking”, so it’s best not to indulge myself like I usually do but stop there. (I have in fact now just put up the previous post as a private post, so log in below to read it if you are crazy. I’m likely to chicken out though and pull it in the morning.)

From the above paragraph, you can guess how sickening my analysis of my talk is. Praise God for his faithfulness and the help of his Sprit maturing us, by his power giving discernment to stick with it and endure against wrong teaching, internal like mine or external, and gracefully warming our hearts to wait on him with patience in all fortunes and adversities with joy and every hope of inner transformation as we set our minds on him as Lord, the Sovereign God, able to cleanse and well up fresh desires and wills within us.