A personal update


A meta-post: on the week’s postings, and communicative plans

Over the last few days, I have been out in the world. I have a lot to write, and am very behind with letters and staying in touch. I won’t resort to VisageFolio, but will try and get something good out. In the meantime, I can say that I am doing very well in the main event week.

As a relief, I have put together some of my computer jottings from the last couple of weeks and made a slew of posts, including one subscribers-only post. Please login to read it. Some posts are backdated, so there are about seven to look back for.

Also in the works: a tiny neaten up will see the release of HTTP Boilerplate, similar to HTML Boilerplate, but grander, and some old May Ball software. Perhaps in Ed’s year they will finally do something sensible and make a GitHub project for all the colleges to save some time making a decent system and reusing it.