Site updates


A boring redaction of the week’s site tweaks

Each time I post I seem to have to make some tweaks to the presentation to get it right. The main things to notice are the addition of; various style tweaks including the streamlining of horizontal scrollbars (harder than it looks; PgDn behaviour has been changed to scroll whole screens, meaning extra columns have to be added when the number of columns does not well).

I have also updated my site syncing scripts, and written one to handily transfer bundles to PWF machines (because the charming Peterhouse computing service has blocked my access to my shared hosting server again, because of excessive upload bandwidth—admittedly I did restore a 700MB backup image of a sermons site earlier in term). So, if you ever need to repetitively make patches that can be easily applied over a web interface, try this out:

Example 1. ~/bin/site-bundle
cd /home/www/XIV
FILE=`cat .LAST-SENT-REVISION`-to-`cat .git/refs/heads/master`
FILE=upgrade_`echo $FILE | sed -r -e 's/(\w{0,6})\w*?/\1/g'`
cp .git/refs/heads/master REVISION
git diff --name-only `cat .LAST-SENT-REVISION` HEAD > .FILES-TO-SEND && \
tar vacf $FILE.tgz -T .FILES-TO-SEND && \
cp .git/refs/heads/master .LAST-SENT-REVISION

For the purposes of documentation, the scripts are now in the view-source listing along with the rest of the site sources.

In terms of authoring MathML, I have not had the time to do much, but I am experimenting at integrating LaTeX conversion as seamlessly as possible into the workflow. I already have some scripts for processing it fairly efficiently, but more progress could be made. It should be possible to make this very fast given that the architecture is geared towards it.