New Word Alive Grudem song


He’s thematic… he’s charismatic… he’s systematic!

Oh my days! How did I not see this before? We went over so many versions of Grease mixes last year before producing the houseparty song then, and even had some of the same lyrics (‘systematic’ for example) before finally going for ‘You’re the one that I want, the only one; house-par-ty’. We also got in some Grudem references in the main event launch as well.

So, a few months later the UCCF team at NWA blatantly stole all our ideas, on the shaky grounds that they actually had Grudem preaching. JC must have leaked it to the them. Clearly I was joking about them stealing our ideas, but it turns out I was’t even right that it was just after our Grease houseparty song—perhaps the video’s caption was expanded, or I was blind and didn’t read it properly, but the video below (which I think is featuring Chazzy B’s brother) was in fact filmed in 2008.