A summary of lists


A couple of lists summarising and outlining my progress on all things computer-related, on my Firefox patches and progress tinkering with this site

Table of Contents

For the record of what I have been up to, I will briefly summarise the things I have been up to as a splurge of lists.

1. Firefox fixes

I have done:

  • Bug 479791 - Order of feed items follows source rather than by time

  • Bug 436801 - XHTML not properly supported in Feed titles

  • (un-filed) - SVG, MathML stripped from Atom (see Intertwingly feed)

  • (un-filed) - Styling fixes: h1 in feed badly displayed; feed title image floated and not cleared; other minor problems

  • (un-filed) - Use a feed sanitizer to strip various nasties rather than just disabling JS (building on WHATWG wiki whitelist)

  • (un-filed) - Support atomInlineOtherContent

Needs i10n help but ought to be cleared up:

  • Bug 370018 = Bug 350365 - FeedWriter methods should not fail silently - Malformed feeds look empty

Mostly finished:

  • Bug 359316 - Need a sanitizing nsCSSParser for the feed preview and DOMParser

Could be approached with guidance on what the new interface to be implemented should be:

  • Bug 493175 - FeedProcessor does not handle item categories

  • Bug 427907 - feed parser returns RSS2 entry guid as property bag

  • Bug 394119 - "Wrong" time from dc:date without a colon in timezone offset

2. Todo on this site

  • (This week) Fix SVG for Chrome

  • (This week) Revisions, mtimes & better caching algorithm (combining resource stamp with expiry time)

  • (This week) Search interface and per-search Atom (also feed history)

  • (This week) Style cleanups (incl. blanking revhistory, numbering headings)

  • Font customization

  • DocBook markup and styling cleanup; including automatic small caps for acronyms

  • Horizontal layout re-appraisal, including code and figure pop-outs

  • Integrate a code highlighter

  • (Long-term) Future integrated article editing

  • (Long-term) Private posts/OpenID/Diaspora*

  • (Long-term) Refactor quick-and-dirty architecture towards pluggable system; see Symphony as a model