News from the synod

I refuse to listen to the newspapers’ doggerel (especially the spun nonsense in my parents’ Times, which raises the question where then to go? Without knowing it well enough to endorse it, a little Googling gave me Anglican Mainstream. I am not in a position to comment, but am not unaware that the strong position I expressed last week biases me. I argued that it is at best extremely hard to treat as Christian those with no firm doctrine of scripture, as whatever possibilities we might allow about their salvation privately, with no common basis fellowship is next to impossible because trust is undermined. We can praise God in our private prayers for whatever they confess that is right, but the simplest things are broken when there is no common acceptance that we should try to follow God’s teaching. This places me in the context of the current debates as a moderate separatist, perhaps not quite in the line of Lloyd-Jones (research ‘1966’), but keen for my Anglican friends to at least seriously think through whether or not to have the exit as a long-term plan Z.

All men are like grass, but the word of the Lord endureth for ever. Invoking hopefully well-known and comfortable applications, what we bind on that basis is too bound for ever, so there is hope.

PS. At more than five thousand words blogged today, which surprises me, I apologise to the my one subscriber for having to leaf through so much of me. I have a lot of things I want to think about, so wrote about all the other things instead to distract myself from melancholy, in between various jobs and croquet.