Three baptisms and a funeral

This weekend has been pretty low on work simply because of business. I somehow managed a prayer meeting and six services in two days, three of which choir ones with rehearsals. There was simply too great a volume of teaching to take in, so I will certainly need to spend time this week revisiting my notes to try and take it all in. As I ponder the sermons, I may have time to scribble some comments here.

I did get a chance to watch Doctor Who this week, which I thought was again very good. Cambridge has now reached the point where the mode TV watching has probably been dragged up to one hour now, as most people seem to be following the new series with similar reactions.

On a humorous note, Jessica challenged me yesterday to a tie-and-shoe-off. She reckons I have more ties than she has shoes. What will college group make of this one?

I have a big backlog of drafted posts, which is a good thing since revision has been taking priority. I now have a readership of about three, so I might take a half-hour off work later in the week to relax and jot down some thoughts.