Any comments?

A funny cartoon with a lecturer giving a talk about blogging and receiving blog-like comments shouted back from the floor
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Though I rarely read XKCD (generally unsuitable), this one was just the day before a cartoon featured on Groklaw, and highly relevant. As always, my thanks go to my quiet (and non-existent) readers for having nothing to say. Having blogged on and off for years without commenting enabled, I find myself rather pleased, after giving it a go for the first time here, that my friends are in fact more sensible than I had esteemed them. I was worried that any comments I did get would be junk given the vapidness of their Facebook messages [“LOL me 2 :-)”], so it is a relief that I do not have to worry about the awkwardness of deleting their spam. I have exactly the same problem turning down Facebook friend requests from people who think they know me but with whom I have never had a proper conversation, like a few on the next new exec.

Amusingly, Wordpress tried to replace the ASCII smiley with an image. There is no question now that it is not a serious contender for my respect.