[Purpose of this blog]

In the lead-up to the CICCU main event, where Mark's gospel will be given out, I am sure most of us will be re-reading the book carefully. For those of us with not enough time to read commentaries, I will be posting here a series of short crib sheets as I read through the book to address any issues and try to guide thinking on hard sections (gently, as I have no expertise). Hopefully the flow and structure of the gospel will become more clear too than unaided reading.

Please use this as a chance not only to learn how to talk about the gospel, but also as a personally challenging read. Knowing what Jesus is up to is often far from clear, and points out our own spiritual blindness.

I will be using the neat categorisation Rico suggested on houseparty to co-ordinate with the Christianity Explored course, in terms of a progression from spiritual blindness to sight, as Jesus' Identity, Mission, and Call are explored.

Posts should be roughly one chapter a day.